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Yes... Lets define your Corporate Brand

Web development

Your website is your real-estate on the web. We will deploy a high standard, well-optimized website to drive your brand awareness

Logo Design

Your logo should pass across intent and purpose of your brand. We will help you achieve this purpose through your logo

Social Media Branding

Social media is a huge conversion tool. We will ensure your visual identity is consistent across all your social media pages.

Brand Manual

Your brand manual is an eBook that contains all the standards and guidelines on how your logo and visual elements should be used. It will be provided for your start-up

Stationery Designs

Your stationery designs include complimentary cards, envelopes, file jackets, letter head etc. We work hard to maintain consistency across all your stationery designs.

Visual Elements

Your visual elements include typography, colours, and design elements. We work hard to come up with compelling visual elements for your start-up.

Lets define your Career Brand

You have submitted your CV to countless organizations and networked like crazy. Yet, no company is calling you for an interview appointment, and now, you feel like giving up. Here is what you need.

Option A4. The Complete Career Branding Package

Make a great first impression.

The vital secret you need is a resume website and an infographic resume. That simple! Keep in mind that HR managers get tons of CVs every day. So, if you want to make a good first impression and stand out, getting a personal website is your best chance.

Basic Career Branding Element (Option A4)

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