The Beauty+ Supplement brand product development


The whole idea behind this brand-building series is to give you real-life examples of some of the branding projects that I have been personally involved with, with the hopes that you will have a firm understanding of the processes involved. I can’t overemphasize the importance of branding. As a businessman, you should arm yourself with this knowledge before launching out. Every now and then I see amazing products with terrible branding and marketing and this actually hurts the products and the overall perception of your business in the long run.

There’s is this wealthy businessman I knew back then in 2012; he was about to launch a skincare brand and was investing millions of dollars in heavy machinery, factory, and office building but didn’t even give his product branding a second thought.

Well, I don’t blame him because he didn’t know any better. From his brand name to his product packaging was a total disaster. His product packaging was looking like something his daughter could do with MS paint.

To cut the long story short after all the resources wasted on the product development they came out looking poor, which made it very difficult to market – because it wasn’t attractive enough for people to want to pick it off the shelf.

In this article, I will outline the steps I used to launch a beauty supplement brand for a client. I have a book on how to launch and scale a supplement brand – if you are interested in this book here is a link to purchase

My client wanted a beauty supplement that will stand out on the shelves and grand the attention of her target audience.

The first approach we took was to find a befitting name for her brand. A name that will be descriptive and at the same time memorable and so after several iterations we came up with Beauty+

We designed a befitting logo for the brand, using feminine fonts that best portrays the brand image

In other to ass an extra layer of uniqueness and premium touch to the brand, we decided to use a transparent bottle

We decide to stay away from the generic capsules and adopted gummies – because gummies motivate children and adults to take their vitamins. In fact, adults have made up a larger portion of consumers of gummy supplements compared to kids.

The next step was to come up with constituents and uses that will be sent to the contract manufacturer. The constituents we came up with are Collagen, Glutathione, and Biotin.

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